Airport Excursions

During our twenty-hour excursion to Grasmere, we utilized two different buses, an airplane, and no small amount of suitcases. We traveled with eleven US citizens, one Iranian citizen, and one British citizen. One of our classmates had broken her ankle, and I, your writer, am blind. We arrived at the Newark airport at around two in the afternoon, having stopped at a Panera in Connecticut, and our flight was set to leave at seven. As is standard during my air travel expeditions, none of the airport employees spoke to me, but to the people around me—‘does she have her boarding pass?’. We waited about twenty minutes for everyone to get across, and then split up for a relatively early diner. After deliberating about it for no less than forty minutes, Noah, Krista, Evan, and I went to a ramen place. The Newark airport has decided to replace people with iPads that break almost constantly, so ordering dinner was a bit of a hassle. Krista and I had our entrees mixed up, which made for, uh, an interesting dinner. Afterwards, we boarded the flight. Amelia, our professor, spent about half an hour arguing with United about seats we had been promised (because Evan had a broken ankle and because I’m blind, there were some considerations). After a six hour flight, we landed in England!

Manchester Airport only has one hour of free wi-fi. Evan, Noor, Amelia, and I got through security fairly quickly, so we ended up waiting at baggage claim for a while. Afterwards, we got on a bus to Grasmere. We arrived there at around 10:30 in the morning. I proceeded to sleep for about five hours. The events of the rest of the week are recounted elsewhere on this blog.

Going back, we had to leave at 2:30 in the morning. It was about as much fun as it sounds. I dragged myself out of bed at 2:28, and reluctantly left my hotel room. Noah, ever prepared, was already downstairs recording videos (these are also on the blog—he is making me advertise for him). It was the same driver who drove us to Grasmere! We arrived at Manchester before United even opened (6 am, for those wondering). After several layers of bureaucracy, we finally made it through security and got a quick breakfast. We boarded the flight around eight. I slept through the entire flight—I only woke up when sometime told me the flight was landing in an hour! Noah also slept through the flight, and got all three stars in Mario Kart 7. I have been assured this is important to include. When we arrived back in America, we made it through customs with only minor difficulties. We all came back and met at the coffee stand, and then went to the bus. Thus began our long journey back to Amherst…we stopped at Popeye’s and Burger King. Finally, at around seven on Sunday night, we arrived back at Amherst. I had a meeting at eight that went until eleven. I was about as coherent as you would expect for those three hours. We all slept very well that night.


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