John Wordsworth: “A silent Poet!” Exhibit Presentation

From Noah Morton: On Friday, a coin was tossed. Amherst was tails. The coin landed on heads. Amherst went first! We presented our exhibit to two new guests The Robert Woof Director, Michael McGregor and Senior Project Administrator, Marie Batty along with the team of curator who helped us all week.


Our exhibit model included Virtual Reality Experience using the Google Card box to experience a 360-degree image of John’s Grove with the audio of a reading of Dorothy’s journal entry on the moments William and John shared, braille description on the base of the exhibit display, the letter to William and Dorothy received announcing John’s death at sea, and John’s writings on his favorite Wordsworth poem. These unique fragments would be organized throughout the exhibit display to engage and access the variety of audiences that walk into the Museum such as visiting scholars, families with children, tourists, school trips (like us), people in the community, and people who may not have heard of Wordsworth before.


It was a wonderful presentation, which complemented the Harvard’s group presentation on first edition of The Prelude. Their presentation introduces the idea of writing with William where there will be side by side sheets of paper. The left is a copy of The Prelude. The right is a blank copy for now for YOU to add parts of your story in the book. After all visitors had added the stories regardless of form, the book will be combined and shared with people.

Watching both presentations, I saw moments of collaboration to create an exhibit display together to tell multiple narratives about The Wordsworths relationship with the world.



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