The Dove Cottage Soirée

Friday March 21, 2017:

Friday evening was our last evening with Jeff, Alice, and the rest of the Wordsworth Trust staff. Jeff had planned a celebratory evening for us all in Dove Cottage, where many surprises lay in store for us.

The staff of the Trust plied us, as ever, with a tremendous quantity of treats. Alice served us all a wide variety of libations. The ground floor of the Cottage was illuminated by candlelight, which lent a profound air to the boisterous celebrations. Unfortunately, the dim lighting does not lend itself to particularly clear photography, but believe me when I say that the mood mixed joviality and gravity to spectacular effect.

Martine, a new friend of ours from Harvard, entertained us all with a few pieces of viola music. In addition to the the fiddle tunes in the recording below, she played some particularly moving pieces by Bach. Later, Iris mesmerized us all with her recitation of a poignant poem she had written that same day in memory of her late stepfather. The poem begins at 9:25 in the recording below.


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