HELLO Wordsworth Museum!

Thursday March 16, 2017:

We had the opportunity to visit the Wordsworth Museum prior to our work on manuscripts surrounding the death of John Wordsworth, in order to see the display case that Jeff and Alice had asked to reimagine for the Wordsworth Trust. After walking upstairs, we are greeted by a model of a room of Dove Cottage. Strolling through the room, we enter the heart of the museum. Left and right are images, artifacts, and original manuscripts of items not only from William’s life such as his outfit, gloves, umbrellas and quills but also Mary’s wedding ring, Dorothy silhouette and a table. Now, on this table, paper and two ink quells rested.



We enjoyed practicing our penmanship using the pens of 1800’s. Writing on the paper and viewing the writings on the desk, I realize from the various signatures and hand drawn logos that people come from around the world to visit this museum. There is a sense of connected not only in the poetry but also in the poetics of people.


We saw the current exhibit display on John Wordsworth and started to brainstorm the unique concepts to remodel to share the story of John and his impact on both Dorothy and William for our presentation on Friday. By the way, if you look into the below image, you can see how William Wordsworth drafted some of his poems on top of Samuel Taylor Coleridge’s original book of poetry!



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