The Journey to Piel Island

We created many “spots of time” along the way to Piel Castle. Jeff drove the minibus along narrow, winding roads bookended by hand-built stonewalls. As we got closer to Piel Island, the waterline of the sea upon first glance looked as if it were above land, part of the sky.


Professor Worsley knows the ferryman, and asked him to come out especially to take us to Piel, before the tourist season had begun. We were the first group on the island this year.

We ferried over to Piel’s Island, and when we landed, we were greeted by the landlord of the Ship Inn (the only building on the island other than the castle) and the landlord’s three enormous black dogs. There was one moment when one of the dogs, Yogi Bear, went chasing after a seal in the ocean, and it was unbelievable how slowly the dog was able to swim. The seal was playing games with the dog, bobbing up slightly further and further from the shore, luring the dog deeper and deeper into its domain until the owner sighed, hauled a little motor boat out to the water, and rescued his dog.



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