Meeting Pamela Woof, the editor of Dorothy Wordsworth’s Journals


Tuesday, March 14, 2017:

On Tuesday, we met Pamela Woof, the editor of Dorothy’s journals and a key figure in developing the Wordsworth Trust. Despite initially publishing the journals thirty years ago, she was incredibly animated and eagerly discussed her newest project with Dora’s journals. She spoke for about three hours straight, including right through an alarm. We also had tea with her. She passed around photocopies of the original manuscript of Dorothy’s journals. We got to see firsthand the markings in Dorothy’s journals, particularly on William’s wedding day. After her talk, she walked with us to the rock of names. She was very energetic, even after giving a lecture. Then, we went up to Town End with Pamela. She read a passage from Dorothy’s journals about a funeral Dorothy had attended at the very house we were standing next to. You could really tell how much she loved the language. Pamela’s passion and intrigue for the Wordsworths was amazing, and it was a privilege to get to hear her speak.

–By Annika and Noah


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