Reading Dorothy Wordsworth’s Journal in John’s Grove

Monday, March 13 2017:

“He thought that it would be as sweet thus to lie so in the grave, to hear the peaceful sounds of the earth & just to know that ones dear friends were near.” Monday afternoon, the group took a nice walk up to John’s grove, expecting to take in the sight and the surrounding scenery then continue on. But, as soon as we arrived, I can almost say with certainty that we all felt a strong emotional connection to the land. One of the members of the group decided to lay down, then a few more did and before we know it everyone was on the ground. We sat there in silence, eyes closed and ears open, and we recalled Dorothy Wordsworth’s journal entry from Thursday, April 29th 1802 of when she and William laid in the grove just the same. “William heard me breathing & rustling now & then but we both lay still, & unseen by one another”.  Professor Worsley read the entirety of the journal entry to us and we laid there quietly for a few moments longer, taking it all in, listening to what was happening around us. It truly was a beautiful and emotional experience to remember.

–Sydney Tate




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